Monel Nut bolts and Monel Fasteners

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Monel Nut bolts and Monel fasteners are produced using a nickel-copper compound and display high quality, sturdiness and great consumption safety over a wide temperature range. An exceptional normal for Monel fasteners is that it offers excellent imperviousness to hydrofluoric corrosive, an especially intense corrosive to manage, in all focuses up to the breaking point. For hydrofluoric corrosive applications Monel fasteners are maybe the safest of all normally utilized built Alloys.
Monel alloy 400 fasteners likewise show incredible erosion safety in marine applications and have sensible consumption imperviousness to sulfuric and hydrochloric acids under decreasing conditions.
As a result of these qualities, Monel fasteners are regularly found in marine and compound handling applications.

Common Grades
Monel 400 Fasteners

A nickel-copper alloy with high quality and phenomenal erosion safety in a scope of media including ocean water, hydrofluoric corrosive, sulfuric corrosive, and alkalies. Utilized ordinarily as a part of marine designing, substance and hydrocarbon handling applications.

Monel K-500 Fasteners

A precipitation-hardenable nickel-copper alloy that joins the corrosion safety of MONEL alloy 400 with more noteworthy quality and hardness. It additionally has low penetrability and is nonmagnetic to temperatures as low as -150°f (-101°c).

Monel Nut Bolts FastenersMonel Nut Bolts Fasteners