Hastelloy fasteners

Hastelloy fasteners
Hastelloy fasteners

Hastelloy fasteners like Hastelloy C276 latches are produced using nickel-molybdenum-chromium alloy that is for the most part considered a flexible profoundly consumption safe alloy. Hastelloy fasteners have magnificent erosion safety in both oxidizing and some lessening media which makes it appropriate for a mixed bag of solid destructive applications. Hastelloy fasteners additionally have uncommon imperviousness to both sulfuric corrosive and hydrochloric corrosive.

Since Hastelloy fasteners oppose the absolute most serious media, Hastelloy fasteners are regularly used in substance preparing applications where corrosive chlorides, solvents, formic and acidic acids, acidic anhydride, wet chlorine gas, hypochlorites, chlorine results and phosphoric corrosive are utilized. For synthetic preparing applications Hastelloy C276 is the most widely recognized evaluation and a standout amongst the most consumption safe nickel alloys surpassing that of most other nickel amalgam evaluations like Inconel or Monel.

Common grades:

  • HASTELLOY C-276 Fasteners
  • HASTELLOY B-3 Fasteners
  • HASTELLOY C-4 Fasteners
  • HASTELLOY C-22 Fasteners
  • HASTELLOY C-22HS Fasteners
  • HASTELLOY C-2000 Fasteners
  • HASTELLOY G-30 Fasteners
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