Din Standard Flanges

Pipe Flanges usually are popular as being a well-liked category of pipe fittings with big dimension. A flange can be used to help mechanically connect two pipes jointly. It is applied to mechanically connect a pipe to a tee, valve, choke or whatever other bit of equipment. Flanges can be bought in round, square in addition to rectangle-shaped with big dimension fashion. Occasionally, flanges usually are in the shape of a ring or even a platter to create an edge by the end of the pipe any time attached towards the pipe. This is among closet flange. A flange can be a platter with regard to addressing or maybe closing the end of the pipe. This can be a blind flange. So, flanges usually are seen as projecting or maybe interior factors that are utilized to support mechanical parts. They may be such as rims that are used of reinforce the actual physical portion or possibly they may be an opportunity connected to fixing in which portion to a new portion or maybe area.


din standard flanges

We offer excellent DIN flanges that fit in with the standard details of DIN

Deutsches Institut fƒ¼r Normung (German Institute for Standardization). These din standard flanges can be benefited in distinctive material details including carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy steel. Offered at most fair prices, our material DIN flanges can function effectively under high temperature and pressure.

Designs of flanges:
A multitude of flange designs is offered. Many people can be purchased in several sizes, big dimension and shapes. Many of the favorite types tend to be as follows:


  • Butt weld
  • Socket weld
  • Captive
  • Split
  • Square
  • Round
  • Rectangle etc.

Customized big dimension, shapes and sizes are manufactured simply by several manufacturers. A variety of pipe flanges include things like machining details such as gasket surfaces, facing details, non-standard drilling, bevel and radius edges, o-ring grooves and elevated or even recessed faces. Several normal designs in flanges people are generally shown down below.

Raised Fase Chamfer
Big dimension flanges Big dimension
Counter Bore O-Ring Groove
dimension flanges Big Flanges
Radius Gasket Surface
Big flanges India dimension flanges India

Applications of pipe flanges:

Pipe flanges are generally popular with pipe fittings of varied professional, commercial and non commercial applications. Pipe flanges can be personalized to fit your application using numerous machining details. These kinds of pipe flanges are used carefully in:

  • UHV applications
  • Hydraulic control systems for turbine generators
  • High pressure ground support missile systems
  • Nuclear and conventional power plant applications etc.

DIN 2502 DIN 2503 DIN 2527
DIN 2565 / 2566 DIN 2573 / 2576 DIN 2627 / 2628
DIN 2629 / 2630 DIN 2631 DIN 2632
DIN 2633 DIN 2634 DIN 2635 / 2636
DIN 2637 / 2638 DIN 2641 DIN 2642
DIN 2655 / 2656 DIN 86029 / 86030  
Big Dimension FlangesBig Dimension Flanges